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ReeCos Technology Co., Ltd. was established on 2009. Our goal is to provide the supreme quality products to worldwide market.Perfluoroelastomers is one of our major products. In responding to the rapid change of market demands,we provide a ISO certificated factory in New Taipei city.Except for providing standard fluoro-elastomer Fluonax™ (FKM) and perfluoro-elastomers Fluomax™(FFKM) O-rings. ReeCos provide customized service as well. Such as FKM & FFKM washer, packing, seals, diaphram valve membranes,expansion seals and metal joint. We also welcome FKM & FFKM compounds inquiries and ODM cooperation

ReeCos Technology Co., Ltd. Perfluoro-elastomers applications cover semi-conductor industry, electronics industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry ,Aerospace industry and manufacturers of API Pumps, API Mechanical Seal, Valves...etc. These are flagship industries worldwide. Hence ReeCos adopts ” MIT Supreme Standard and Quality “ policy to handle the projects from those important clients in order to provide the best solutions to their applications of strict production procedures. As these strict processes such as etching, high temperature applications for semiconductor & electronics customers, ReeCos aslo provide Advanced Ceramics components, e.g. Focus Ring, Ceramics ball, Hot Edge Ring, Gas Distribution Plate, Heaters, RF Windows, Vacuum Chuck, Dummy Wafers.

In order to provide our industrial clients energy saving service, ReeCos set up LED lighting team in 2017 to provide green lightin products.  By cooperate with excellent technical partner, EnergyPro Technology, we can provide our worldwide clients best solutions of  LED lighting finish product, ODM, OEM project and power design. Reecos is the family company company of EnergyPro Technology and focus on export marketing of LED lighting business.

ReeCos Technology Co., Ltd. Provides the best solution to worldwide clients on the applications of FKM & FFKM and Advanced Ceramics components. We also involve Green Energy Field – LED Lighting market to provide excellent energy saving proposal to customers. A fluent communication with our clients is the only way to find the best solution. We welcome the comments from all aspects to help us grow and beable to devote our effort in the global industry.


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