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Fluonax™ CRL Series

For this high cleanliness series, the product itself is transparent. It has high performance on the characteristics of plasma resistance and cleanliness. This series is wildly used in Semi-conductor and plasma process.

Applications : Dry Etching, Ashing, PVD, CVD, Plasma, Lithography, Vacuum applications, Dynamic sealing, Static sealing, carrier… etc.

Operation temperature : Recommended temperature Max. up to 230°C (continuous operation).

Fluonax™ CRL have better chemical cross linking and fluroine contents than regular FKM/Viton.

Alternatives : Valqua® Armor Crystal®, Perlast® G74P, Kalrez® 9100, 8002, 8085




Rigidity (SHORE A)


Max. Operation Temperature for continuous condition (°C)


Fluonax™ series. It is a transparent elastomer which keeps high cleanliness in production process. It is an excellent option of sealing parts for high cleanliness demand process and plasma resistance process.